WSOP Trip 1 Report

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So my first trip out west this Summer for the WSOP was a lot of fun. I played four events total and below is the poker talk of what happened in each:

Event 3 1k NL: I managed to bag a very short stack at the end of day 1 and was fortunate to double up early on day 2 to keep me afloat long enough to get into the money. I won a couple of flips and got to my peak of 20k. I got moved to a new table and raised in the cutoff with AQs to 2300 at 5oo/1k. It folded to the big blind who was a younger kid with sunglasses who moved all-in. I called, he had 99 and I lost the race to finish in 225th place for $2,335. I was obviously disappointed to get knocked out but I was happy to get a cash in the first event I played. It was also my first tournament cash in a very long time.

Event 6 1500 NL Millionaire Maker: I actually got off to a great start in this event but then was faced with 7 or 8 table changes in a short span of time and also had to deal with the circus that was happening around me due to the overwhelming turnout. Once again I bagged a very short stack but was fortunate to get an early double up and gain some momentum on day 2. I got moved to a new table that looked amazing with about 900 players left and about 300 players before the money. I opened to 1600 at 400/800 in the hijack with KJd the button who had a similar stack called and the small blind called with only 3400 chips behind. The flop came Qd 10h 4h and the small blind immediately shoved his small stack, I shoved all-in also and the button snap called with 1010. The SB had KhQh and the board bricked out.

Event 7 1k NL: Immediately upon busting the the Milly maker, I jumped into this event. I never got much going and had a pretty tough table draw for this field with Matt Waxman (who would go on to win this event) and Tony Dunst. On the last hand before dinner I made a very close call with A8 and 15 bb’s when the button open shoved for 22 bb’s. He had 77 and I lost the race.

Event 11 2500 NL 6 max: I got off to a great start in this event busting David Williams and accumulating a very big stack after the first few levels. With three minutes left before the dinner break, a guy who just came to the table opened to 750 at 150/300 in the hijack, I 3 bet the button to 1800 with KK, the big blind cold 4 bet to 4500, original opener folded, I 5 bet to 8600 and the big blind 6 bet shoved having my 30k stack slightly covered. I called, he had AQ and the flop came A44 and I lost a pot that would have given me close to the chip lead on dinner break.

Overall, I was very happy with my play in these tournaments and felt like I was extremely patient and focused.

I was also happy to get back home and see my girls, get back to some cash games for a bit and get back to eating healthy and working out regularly. I spent a lot of time playing at Borgata over the last two weeks since getting home. I also played the Borgata Summer Open main event this week. I made it to day 3 and down to the final 45 players despite having a short stack the entire tournament. I lost a big 3 way flip 4 hands in to the day with AK against 88 and 99 and that was that.

Tomorrow, we are jumping in the Armada with the girls and starting our trek across the country back to Las Vegas for the rest of the WSOP. The plan is to drive to Chicago tomorrow and stay there tomorrow night and Saturday. Sunday we will head to Denver and stay there until Tuesday morning when we will finish our drive to Vegas. I plan to try to do some video blogs on the trip and show everyone what it’s like to drive across the country with two little kids and spend 3-4 weeks in Las Vegas. I’m not sure what my exact tournament schedule will be but I will update the blog when I figure that out.

Check back frequently for the video blogs!


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