Week in the Life, Day 4

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This is the fourth day of this feature in my blog. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3.

I am not going to post a Friday Five this week, that feature will return next Friday. Go here for a list of previous Friday Five posts. 

6:38 AM: I woke up and once again was surprised that Ava was not in our bed. I spent the next hour or so reading e-mails, writing the blog entry and getting my stuff ready for the gym.

8:03 AM: I left my house and grabbed an egg and cheese on a wheat bagel from Dunkin Donuts on my way up to LA Fitness in Neshaminy where I was meeting a few of the guys from Parx to play basketball.

9:03 AM: When we got to Parx we learned that the game was still going from overnight. We decided to still play basketball and just hope that there would be seats open when we got done. We played 2 on 2 and my team won 2 out of 3 games. I took a shower and got ready there and then we headed back over to Parx.

10:16 AM: The game was 4 handed when we arrived and it didn’t take too long to fill up. I went card dead for very long stretches throughout the day but there were still a decent amount of interesting hands which I will post below. I ended up staying very late because I got to play with Paul Pierce from the Boston Celtics. Tyronn Lue was also there but he was playing in the must move game. Pierce was pretty quiet except when he was commenting on the Heat/Pacers game which was pretty cool to hear.

1) I lost a couple of small pots early. First medium sized pot I won I raised to $40 with AdJh from middle position, seat 1 called. Flop Qh4s2s and we both checked. Turn 9s I checked, he bet $70 and I called. River 9x I check he bets $210 and I call and he mucks his hand and I win.

2) Seat 4 and 6 limp, I make it $60 on the button, 4 folds and 6 calls. Flop QhQx5h, he checks, I bet $110, he calls. Turn 2x he check/calls $270. River 3x he check/folds to $530.

3) Seat 3 straddles, seat 4 raises to $40, I call in cutoff with K9ss, seats 1 and 3 call. Flop is Qx9h9x, checked to seat 4 who bets $40, I call, seat 1 calls, 3 folds. Turn is 2h, seat 4 bets $100, I make it $330, seat 1 folds, seat 4 calls quickly. River is offsuit Ace and he quickly check/calls $630 with AKhh.

4) Seat 3 straddles, 3 people call and I make it $140 on the button. Seat 5 is the only caller. Flop is Q53hh, he checks I bet $170 and he makes it $410 with $1.5k behind and I think a bit and fold.

I get a text from Jody in the middle of the day with this picture:

On Saturday, I couldn’t find my watch anywhere. We searched every place possible since then to try to find it. I was just hoping that I didn’t leave it somewhere or Cameron didn’t throw it in the trash. Four days later it shows up laying on the ground upstairs where one of the girls (most likely Cam) placed it. What a little thief!

5) 3 players limp, sb checks and I make it $90 with AhAc. Seat’s 1, 5 and 6 call. Flop is 2h 5h 5x and I bet $220, Seat 1 makes it $500, the others fold and I call. Turn is an offsuit Queen. I check he bets $500 and I call. River is an offsuit 10, I check and he checks back and I win.

6) 3 players limp, I make it $70 on the button with AhJh, Seats 4 and 6 call. Flop is Js8s2s, they check to me and I bet $150. Seat 4 calls and the turn is an offusit 3 he checks I bet $240 and he calls. River is an offsuit 9 he checks and I decide to check back and he says he has a jack and I win.

7) One player limps, seat 7 makes it $50 on the button, I 3bet to $180 and he calls. Flop is Qx6x3c. I check and he checks. Turn is 6c I bet $230 and he makes it $460.. I think a bit and call. River is an offsuit Jack. I check and he thinks a bit and moves all-in for $1,580. I tank for a long time and fold.

8 ) Seat 6 limps in early position, I limp, Seat 2 raises to $80 with $1.5k to start hand. Seat’s 4 and 6 call, I raise to $430 which seat 2 quickly calls and the others quickly fold. Flop is Q97r and I bet $1,000 and he moves all-in for $80 more which I call. Turn is a 7 and the river is a jack and he shows 55 to win the pot.

9) Seat 2 straddles, 4 and 7 call and I make it $120 with Ah10h. 2, 4 and 7 all call. Flop 972r, they check to me and I bet $240 and seat 4 is the only callers. Turn is a 4 and we both check. River is a 10 and he check calls my small bet of $230 and I win.

10) Seat 6 limps, I limp, Seat 9 raises to $50, Seat 2 calls, 6 folds and I call. Flop 7x5d2d and we all check. Turn 7d, seat 2 checks, I bet $130, 9 folds and 2 calls. River Kx and he check/folds to $430 bet.

11) I raise to $40 with KcQc in cutoff, seat 2 calls on the button and I’m playing him 1 on 1 🙂 flop is Kh7h3x, I check and he checks. Turn is a 7, I bet $70 and he calls. River is 9h, I check and he bets $120, I call and win vs. his 34o, which is probably his favorite hand due to the numbers.

10:05 PM: After a very long 11.5 hour day of playing poker, I decided to head home. I ended up winning $323. I got home around 11 and talked with Jody a bit before heading to bed probably somewhere around 12.

One more day to go! Happy Friday everyone!


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