The Friday Five

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The Friday Five

I plan to make “The Friday Five” a weekly blog post where I share five articles, blog posts, songs, photos or videos from the last week that I found interesting. The topics will stretch across a wide spectrum so hopefully there is something interesting for everyone. This first edition is a day late because I was at Parx playing yesterday from around 11 am until 9:30 pm. I would like these links to open in a new window for you guys but I can’t figure out how to make that happen on wordpress so if anyone has experience with that please help me out! I’ve also been working on the continuation of “My Poker Story”. I should have the next chapter completed in the next few days so be on the look out for that. Without further ado, here is this weeks “Friday Five”.


1. Article  “Defining the new male ideal” by Ashley Strickland on 

Cliff notes: Personal trainer with perfect body gains 70 lbs. on purpose for an experiment. Author explores changes in the way men look and dress citing several possible reasons including changes in gender roles and the slumping economy.

Thoughts: Holy crap at that picture!! I’m actually pretty interested to read this guy’s book.

2. Blog posts “No Game for Robots” by Alec Torelli and “Brooklyn lawyer places second in big tournament” by David Zeitlin

Cliff notes: Torelli’s blog post is a really great read for anyone who has gotten bored with their work. It applies to all fields, not just poker.  Zeitlin just recently went back to work as a lawyer after grinding the tournament circuit for six years. Even more recently he  finished 2nd in the WSOP Circuit main event at Caesars AC and in this blog post goes into that in fascinating detail.

Thoughts: Okay, I cheated a bit here by including two different blog posts, but they are both by poker players and I can do what I want! I absolutely loved Torelli’s post. I often find myself getting a bit bored with the daily grind and it inevitably leads to us taking a trip somewhere. I’ve played with Zeitlin in a few tournaments and I’ve always enjoyed reading his blog entries. Another entry of his “My farewell tour” is also a must read.

3. Song “Allen Iverson” by Don Trip 

Thoughts: I heard this song on the radio the other day and couldn’t believe it. Growing up right outside of Philly, A.I. was/still is THE man to my friends and me. I don’t particularly care for the song itself but I just thought it was awesome that someone made a song with all the A.I. sound bites and it was being played on the radio.

4. Article ” Wendy’s tops Burger King as No. 2 fast-food chain” 

Cliff notes:  The title is a bit misleading. It should say hamburger chain, not fast-food chain. Wendy’s is now the second biggest with 8.5 billion in sales, just a shade higher than Burger King but still extremely far behind McDonald’s.

Thoughts: Although I no longer eat fast food anywhere near as much as I used to, I still follow the chains pretty closely. I worked at Burger King for two years in high school and actually enjoyed it very much. It’s amazing to me that it has taken this long for BK to drop to the third spot considering their history as a business. If you read the Wikipedia page of Burger King (too much time on my hands obviously) you will see that it has to be one of the most poorly run major companies in history.

5. Article “How to annoy a fan base in 60 easy steps” by Bill Simmons 

Cliff notes: This is a really long read, but worth it for sports fans. Simmons goes through all the ways that the Golden State Warriors have screwed up over the years.

Thoughts: Several lines had me cracking up loudly. It amazes me that one franchise could make the absolute worst decision every single time for 35 years straight.


Hope you guys enjoy this feature and feel free to let me know what you think. I’m going to spend some quality time with my wife tonight, something that happens pretty rarely so I’m excited about that. Look for the “My Poker Story” part 2 sometime in the next few days!


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  1. Sam
    March 24, 2012

    Eventhough we lost in the Finals that’s first game was insane … A.I. steppin over Tyronne Lue was classic. Damn I was a big A.I. fan, actually, I wish he still played. My favorite player ever … He could/would drop 50 on any given night….


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