The Friday Five, Video edition

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It’s felt like a pretty strange week so far for some reason. I took yesterday off of work because I felt like I needed a day to recharge since I’ve played so many hours this month. It was nice to have a day to sit at home with the girls and relax a little bit and take care of some other things that I had been putting off. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from last week’s blogs so I think I might start consistently blogging in that style.

As for this week’s Friday Five, it features five youtube videos that I think are very entertaining. Enjoy!

1. Greatest Frisbee Scene in a Movie 1987

2. Pepsi MAX & Kyrie Irving Present: “Uncle Drew” 

3. Best Boxing Trainer Ever- Eric Kelly’s Training 101

4. Kobye- The Kobe That We Used To Know (Gotye-Somebody That I Used To Know Parody)

5. Saturday Night Live Mocks Stephen A. Smith

Which video clip was your favorite from this week’s Friday Five?

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend!



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