The Friday Five and Future Blog Plans

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The last two weeks have been one of the most hectic stretches of my life. I actually had drafts of last week’s Friday Five written up at three separate times and never had the time to complete them. No excuses though, I have vowed to keep up with this blog unlike the others that I’ve started in the past. Starting next Monday, I’m going to start a week long feature where I post an entry at the end of each day detailing what I did that day. I will talk specifically about the poker hands that I played, the business projects that I’m working on and basically give everyone a glimpse into what an average week is like in my life. These posts will be titled “A week in the Life of Trevor”. If you have any questions about the hands that I post or any other questions out all feel free to post them in the comments section.

For this week’s Friday Five I’m going to do something a little different. I’m going to post the links or videos without my thoughts and instead ask you guys for your thoughts in the comment section. It would be great to get some good discussion going there. Enjoy and check back daily next week!

1) 800-pound Bride Susanne Eman Fitted For Largest Wedding Dress by Maria Vultaggio, Long Island Press


2)Never,Ever Give up. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation!


3) Arizona School won’t play ballgame against team with girl by Tim Gaynor, Reuters


4) Amazing Over the Wall Catch- Top Play #1


5) For tallest US Man, the shoes finally fit (all 15k worth) by Laura T. Coffey,


Have a great weekend!





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