The Friday Five (a day late again!)

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Sorry guys, I really need to get on the ball with getting the Friday Five out on Friday morning or change the name!

1) Andrew Bynum tries to steal the ball from Steve Blake so he can shoot a three

Thoughts: This is hilarious. A few weeks ago, Bynum got benched for shooting a three pointer  in a game. In this game he managed to pull off a  very rare hat trick: attempt to steal from a teammate, grab 30 rebounds and curse in the post game interview. It leaves you wondering, what is he going to do next?

2) Blogpost: “The Day The Rains Came” by Thomas Fuller 

Cliff notes: It’s hard to really break this post down into cliff notes because there is a lot of back story to the blog post. Fuller has been a poker player for a long time who has spent most of this year in Africa. I really encourage everyone to read this post and then go back and read all of his posts.

Thoughts: I’ve read this blog for a really long time and this is one of the most interesting entries that he’s written. He is incredibly open and honest about the things he is going through psychologically and this post in particular makes me look deeper into my own psyche. I know I haven’t really talked about what the actual post is about and I did that on purpose so you guys would click the link and read it so do it!

3) Article: “Newark Mayor Cory Booker rescues neighbor from burning house” by Laura Petrecca, USA Today

Cliff notes: Super Mayor Cory Booker of Newark rushes into his neighbor’s house which is engulfed in flames and rescues his 47 year old neighbor from her bedroom.

Thoughts: This is an amazing story of courage and bravery and just adds to the legend of Booker. When I read about the things he’s done and what he’s accomplished, I can’t help but hope that he is a future candidate for president. He seems to be a far cry from most politicians today.

4. Article: “Newborn baby found alive in morgue 12 hours after being declared dead” by Eric Pfeiffer, The Sideshow

Cliff notes: The title says it all. Wow.

Thoughts: How can this happen? Unfortunately, it was just reported a few hours ago that the baby suffered a heart attack and is now in critical condition. Hopefully, she finds a way to make it through.

5. Sweet Brown: No time for bronchitis. 

Thoughts: Oh my, please watch this video. This woman is amazing. She has to be the new Antoine Dodson. If you’ve never seen the Antoine Dodson video, make sure you watch that too.

Bonus link for poker players: Check out my friend Matt Stout’s blog entry “Stout’s tips for filing taxes (and beating audits) as a poker pro” . He has a ton of really useful information in this post for those of you filing taxes as a professional poker player.

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