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I haven’t forgotten about you guys, I actually started a draft of a post earlier this week but didn’t have time to complete it. I hope to finish it up later tonight or tomorrow and have it posted by Sunday. For now, you guys can enjoy this week’s Friday Five:

1) Richard Neal’s P90X Results Video

Thoughts: If this video doesn’t inspire you to get in better shape, I don’t know what will. This guy lost 242 lbs. in 18 months and drastically changed his quality of life despite multiple roadblocks along the way. I love videos like this and the stories behind them. I haven’t done P90X or any of those other programs but it seems like those who put the time into them achieve some pretty great results.

2) Cherry Hill Dad Wires Autistic Son to Prove Teacher’s Verbal Abuse by AP

Thoughts: This is a local story that is becoming a national story. Cherry Hill is about 20 minutes from my house. The father of this 10 year old autistic boy placed a tape recorder in his pocket and caught a teacher calling him a “bastard”. There have been several cases of this type of abuse of special needs children throughout the country. The school said that the teacher is “no longer with them” but the father of the child believes the teacher has yet to be fired. In this article released in the last 24 hours, the father believes the teacher was simply moved to another school. This is an interesting developing situation and I have a feeling we will hear about a lot more cases of special needs children not being properly educated in the near future.

3) App: Dice With Buddies

Thoughts: My friend Pat from Parx introduced me to this app on Tuesday and since then a few of us in the poker room have been playing each other non stop. It is basically heads up yahtzee and it is incredibly addicting. I’ve been on the losing side of things a little bit too much so far but I think I’ll turn it around soon. I encourage everyone to check it out and play a game with me, my username is TreMomey.

4) Philadelphia Man Finds Himself on Missing Children’s website by Nina Melendez, CNN

Thoughts: I’m also always intrigued by stories like this. 31 years after this guy was adopted from a Honolulu orphanage, he was able to trace to begin tracing his roots after discovering his own picture on a missing children’s website. The interesting thing about this story is how he got in the orphanage to begin with. It appears as though his mother put him in the orphanage without consent of his father, who would later file a missing child report. I could see this guy writing a book about his path to uncovering his past. I would certainly read it.

5) Blog Post: My Decision to join Team in Training and Kevin’s story by Fueledbywings

Thoughts: If you only read one article that I link this week, make it this one. This blog is written by a girl named Theresa that I worked with at Rutgers. In this post, her boyfriend describes in detail being diagnosed with leukemia as a teenager and the roadblocks he faced during treatment. Theresa is joining Team in Training and running the Chicago marathon to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. I encourage everyone to check out the blogpost and donate some money!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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