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It’s been a pretty busy week for me despite the action being a little slow during the day at Parx. Tuesday night I went to the Sixers game and got to sit court side as they defeated the Cavaliers easily. I absolutely loved sitting that close to the action and I’ve been officially spoiled and will have to sit that close any time I go to a game. I took the day off on Wednesday and planned on working on the continuation of “My Poker Story”. I got about half way done but then we had to take my little Cameron to the hospital because she was going on her 8th straight day with a fever. We took her over to the new Virtua in Voorhees which is absolutely amazing and has a completely separate children’s ER. They fixed her up nice and good and I’m happy to report that she’s feeling much better now. I will have part two of “My Poker Story” finished and published on Monday so look out for that. Without further adieu here is this week’s Friday Five.

1. Ray Lewis Inspirational Speech to Stanford Basketball team

Thoughts: Get pissed off for greatness is a great line. Seeing the fire and intensity in Ray’s eyes makes me want to go out and do great things. The speech certainly worked for Stanford; they went out and destroyed Minnesota by 24 points in the NIT Championship.

2. Mega Millions Fever! Mega-long odds for winning record jackpot by Margery Beck, AP 

Cliff notes: I’m sure by now that everyone is aware of the massive Mega Millions drawing that is happening tonight. People are out in record numbers trying to win their share of the approximately 540 million dollar prize.

Thoughts: This article is particularly interesting because it goes into the details behind the question that everyone asks about buying a ticket with every number combination possible. This lottery fever also has me steaming a bit because it makes me think about how the government allows people to go out and buy lottery tickets and effectively light their money on fire with no chance of winning but I can’t sit at my house and play a game of skill to support my family. This 80 year old guy from the story had me laughing at least.. “If I win, the first thing I’m going to do is buy a (Tim) Tebow football shirt, and I’m going to do the Tebow pose,” said Eahmer, who bought five tickets. “I’m with him in honoring a higher power.”

3. Microchipped school uniforms notify parents when kids skip school by Mariella Moon, Tecca

Cliff notes: In Brazil, 20,000 grade school kids now have uniforms with GPS tracking devices that send parents text messages to alert them on their whereabouts.

Thoughts: I’m surprised it has taken this long for something like this to happen. We are quickly heading towards a time when everything is tracked and monitored and everyone knows where everyone else is at all times. People already voluntarily share a ton of information via social media sites and location based apps like Highlight will continue to surface and change the way we interact socially with people we used to consider strangers.

4. Magic buys the Dodgers! Price for Dodgers questioned by Arash Markazi, ESPN

Cliff notes: A group headed by Magic Johnson purchased the Dodgers for a record price of two billion dollars. Economists seem to believe that this was a very bad business deal, the fans in LA couldn’t be happier.

Thoughts: I’m really interested in this type of sports business stuff. I agree with the economists that on paper it looks like a terrible deal. However, Magic is no dummy and I believe that he will figure out someway to make this deal work out for him in the long run.

5. Ron Burgundy’s Anchorman announcement on Conan

Thoughts: I have been waiting for this day for a long time! Anchorman has always been one of my favorite movies in fact I recite lines from it daily. It’s always difficult for a sequel to live up to the original but I hope this one doesn’t disappoint!


Did I miss any interesting stories, videos, songs or blog posts from the past week? Feel free to share them in the comments section! If you have any suggestions during the week for next week’s “Friday Five” feel free to use the “Contact Me” Form at the top of the page. If I use your submission, I’ll be sure to give you credit and a link to your blog or whatever you want to promote. Have a great weekend everyone!








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