Results of the Tournament to benefit LLS (Event 3 of 2012)

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Last Saturday, Jody and I hosted the 3rd charity poker tournament of the 2012 season.This tournament raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night walk, specifically Team DeMasi. Here is a link to our team if you’d like to donate or learn more about the cause: Team DeMasi. A total of 16 players participated and we raised $660! Thank you to everyone who came out! Here is a recap of the final table action:

Chip counts at start of final table:

1) Trevor 132,100 (Seat 5)

2) Carmen 109,200 (Seat 4)

3) Brian 61,100 (Seat 3)

4) Beth 58,400 (Seat 1)

5) Dave 50,000 (Seat 6)

6) Dan P. 26,700 (Seat 8)

7) Joe 25,900 (Seat 7)

8) Jordan 16,700 (Seat 2)

The blinds were 600/1200 with a 200 ante at the start of the final table.

Jordan was the first player eliminated at the final table in a hand that saw Dan P. more than double up while cutting Beth’s stack in half in the process. Dan raised to 2.5k, which Beth called. Jordan moved all-in for 16.5k, Dan called and Beth called. On the flop of J67 Dan moved his last 10k in and Beth called. Dan had AA, Beth had AcKc and Jordan showed 33. The turn was a King giving Beth some outs but the river was a 9 and Dan’s held up.

Action slowed for a bit seven handed until Trevor raised UTG to 4k, Dave re-raised to 7k next to act and Joe moved all-in having Dave covered by just a bit with 40k. Trevor folded, and Dave called with JJ. Joe had AK and we were off to the races. The flop came 876 which was great for Dave but the turn was an Ace leaving him with just two outs. The river 6 wasn’t one of them and Dave was eliminated in 7th place.

Beth had a healthy stack all day long and had managed to eliminate several players but she would be the next to be knocked out. She was down to 3300 chips and made her move with Q8. Carmen isolated with A6 and his hand held up on the 96394 board and Beth was eliminated in 6th place.

Carmen could never get much going at the final table and was the next person eliminated. Brian moved all in, Carmen moved all-in over the top and Joe called having both players covered. Joe and Brian both had AQ which dominated Carmen’s A10 and they chopped the pot when the board came J234Q and eliminated Carmen in 5th place in the process.

Carmen’s elimination brought us to the bubble which has historically been a nightmare for Dan Prante, having bubbled seemingly every tournament. He was finally able to erase the demons this time when Brian became the unlucky bubble boy when his AK fell to Joe’s KJ all in pre flop. Joe hit a flush on the turn and sent Brian home empty handed.

3 handed play started with these stacks:

Joe 206,800

Trevor 187,100

Dan 86,500

Although Dan got his first cash, he would have to wait for the next tournament to get his first win. Joe raised on the button, Dan moved all in and Trevor moved all in having both players covered. Joe folded, Trevor had AQ and Dan had K8. The board came in dramatic fashion with Dan flopping a King to take the lead on a K104 board. Dan was rooting loudly for no ace and no ace came on the 5 turn or the river, but the Jack gave Trevor the nut straight and Dan was eliminated in 3rd place.

Trevor went into heads up play with a pretty big lead and it didn’t take long for the two players to get all in. Trevor limped on the button, Joe moved all in with J10 and Trevor made the call with A10. The board ran out 55467 and after making a lot of deep runs in these tournaments, Trevor finally got his first win.

Everyone who participated earns at least one tournament leaderboard point. Here are the final results with the amount of tournament leaderboard points each player earned.

8th place: Jordan (2 points)

7th place: Dave A. (2 points)

6th place: Beth (2 points)

5th place: Carmen (3 points)

4th place: Brian (3 points)

3rd place: Dan P. (4 points)

2nd place: Joe (5 points)

1st place: Trevor (6 points)


Thanks to everyone who came out to play and a special thanks to Carmen, Tesh, Todd and Jordan who were nice enough to deal the tournament. Thanks to Joe who made an additional donation from his winnings. I donated all of the winnings back (not posting that to brag just wanted everyone to know that I’m not running these things to try and win money 🙂 )

Event 4 of the series is scheduled for Saturday, November 3rd at 2 pm. The facebook invite should go out today. The tournament will benefit the South Jersey Food bank. This will be the 5th year in a row that our family will be purchasing turkeys and other food items for the Food bank. We encourage anyone who attends the tournament to bring any non-perishable food items that they would like to donate. See everyone for the next one!

Trevor and Jody



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