Results of the No Limit Hold’em tournament to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (Event 5 of 2012-2013)

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Hey everyone, long time no blog!

Last Saturday, Jody and I hosted the 5th charity poker tournament of the 2012-2013 season. Originally, I planned for this tournament to benefit the Boomer Esiason Foundation. I will still be forming a team, raising money and running the 10k in NYC in July for that foundation. However, I decided to donate the money we raised from this event to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, more specifically to our team “Tennessee Andy”. We will be taking part in the Great Strides walk in St. Pete, Florida in a few weeks along with Andy’s family and friends. If you are interested in donating to our team, click this link and then click on one of our names to donate: Donate!.

We had a total of 17 entries in the tournament on Saturday and we were able to raise $735 for Team Tennessee Andy!!

The early stages of the tournament were even more entertaining than usual as we had our quickest elimination,first ever rebuy allowed, and first player to be eliminated twice in the first hour all achieved by Joe “Fish Stix” Commisso. Congrats on this amazing accomplishment, Joe, and thanks for the additional donations! We were also lucky to be in the presence of the trifecta known as the Sidote sisters. Jennifer had her debut spoiled early on when “Backdoor” (as they call him in the streets) Todd Pramov  called her flop bet with J10 on a 942 flop. Jennifer had 89 and was still in good shape when she bet again on the 7 turn. She never imagined when she made two pair on the 8 river that her opponent would have her beat, unfortunately “Backdoor” lived up to his nickname and showed her the nuts and sent her complaining to the rail. Robin was also eliminated soon after and the Sidote sisters departed saying “We came, we played, we lost”.

The chip counts at the start of the final table of 8 looked like this:

1) Jason Paster 124,200 (Seat 5)

2) Todd Pramov 89,100 (Seat 2)

3) Dave Anderson 80,000 (Seat 4)

4) Dan Taylor 61,000 (Seat 7)

5) Todd Bergmann 55,900 (Seat 1)

6) Me 55,300 (Seat 8)

7) Chris Miller 28,000 (Seat 6)

8) John Tartaglia 21,000 (Seat 3)

The blinds were 800/1600 with a 200 ante.

After a flurry of big pots with no eliminations, Event 4 runner up Dave Anderson was the first player to get knocked out. I raised UTG to 3200, Dave called in the cutoff, Chris called in the small blind and Dan called in the big blind. The flop came Q86r, the blinds checked and I bet 4k. Dave called and the other two folded. The turn was a 4, I bet 8k, Dave moved all in for 48k and I made the quick call with QQ. Dave was left drawing dead with his J8, finishing in a disappointing 8th place.

Chris Miller has had a lot of success in these tourneys but this one wasn’t meant to be for him. He shoved his small stack in with A5 suited and ran into the AJ suited of Dan. Dan flopped the nuts on the KQ10 flop leaving Chris drawing to a chop which never came. Chris Miller departed as our 7th place finisher.

Todd B. did a great job dealing all day but unfortunately his run in the tournament would come to an end due to a cooler he dealt himself. John T. limped in UTG, Jason raised to 8k, Todd moved all in for 37k, John folded and Jason called with AA. Todd’s kings were in trouble and no help came to save him and he was eliminated in 6th place.

John T. played his short stack masterfully and got his money good but he got very unlucky in a big pot with Jason Paster. Jason had raised UTG to 8k and John called in the big blind. The flop came 10d9d6x and John bet 12k, Jason moved all in and John call. John’s K10 was out in front of Jason’s Q10 but the Qd on the Turn left John in bad shape.The river 7 sent him home packing in 5th place leaving a bitter taste in his mouth.

4 handed on the money bubble the chips traded hands for a long time. Each player took turns surviving all-ins and accumulating chips. Todd P. would wind up making a flush in a really big pot against Jason leaving him crippled. Jason got his last 2bb in before the flop with 55 but lost the race against Dan’s K10. Jason was the unfortunate bubble boy and we had our final 3 players in the money with the following chip stacks:

Todd P.: 291,500

Me: 109,500

Dan: 109,000

Not too long into 3 handed play, Dan raised on the button to 13k and I called from the small blind. The flop came Q62r, I checked and Dan moved all-in. I called with AA and Dan had flopped top pair with QJ. The turn was a 3 and the river a 9 and Dan was eliminated in 3rd place.

Heads up play began with Todd P. holding a slight lead with 276,000 to my 235,000. We played for 45 minutes with Todd controlling the majority of the action. Down to 100k, I shoved all in with A3 and Todd called with K4. The A3 held up for me and the stacks were close to even. Due to a curfew, play had to be halted until the next day for the first time in the history of these tournaments. When play resumed the next day after Easter dinner, we once again traded chips back and forth for over an hour. With the blinds at 8k/16k I shoved all in having Todd covered. Todd thought for a really long time, at which point I showed him a 2. He quickly called with A8 which dominated my A2. Fortunately for me the flop came 223. The 4 on the turn brought the chop possibility for him but the  Ace on the river gave me the full house and the victory. I threw on Andy’s hat for the winner’s photo.


Everyone who participated earns at least one TLB point. Here are the final results with the amount of TLB points each player earned:

8th place: Dave Anderson (2 points)

7th place: Chris Miller (2 points)

6th place: Todd Bergmann (2 points)

5th place: John Tartaglia (3 points)

4th place: Jason Paster (3 points)

3rd place: Dan Taylor (4 points)

2nd place: Todd Pramov (5 points)

1st place: Me (6 points)

I mentioned this in the last blog but just wanted to repeat that I always donate 100% of whatever I win to the charity involved. I want to thank everyone who came out for their donation and extra thanks to Joe C., Dan and extra special shoutout thanks to Uncle Leo for their additional donations.

Here are the up to date TLB numbers with one event to go in the season:

Me: 22 points

Dave Anderson: 13 points

Dan Prante: 12 points

Jason Paster: 10 points

Jim Demasi: 9 points

Sharon Tomczak: 9 points

Todd Bergmann: 8 points

Todd Pramov: 7 points

Beth Savage: 6 points

Nick Iliadas: 6 points

Dan Taylor: 6 points

Brian Kass: 6 points

Joe: 5 points

Ron M.: 5 points

Rob Lacorte: 4 points

John Tartaglia: 4 points

Robin Sidote: 4 points

Sam D: 3 points

Carmen: 3 points

Chris Miller: 3 points

The following players have 2 points or less: Jordan, Mike S, Nicole, Jim C, Mike Q, Mark S., Rocco, Pat, John P, Joe C., Kevin W., Lamo, Jenn S, and Tesh.

As of right now there is $390 in the TLB prizepool with one more event to go. The payout breakdown is as follows:

1st place: 50% ($195 right now)

2nd place: 25% ($98 right now)

3rd place: 15% ($58 right now)

4th place: 10% ($39 right now)

In case of a tie, the players can either choose to split the money or pick out a high card for it.

For the final tournament, I am trying to decide between May 11th or possibly a Sunday like May 19th. If you guys could please send me a message and let me know if both dates work for you or whether you prefer one more than the other. After this series is complete I plan on continuing to have these tournaments but switching the format up a little bit. For those of you that have attended a lot of these, if you have a charity or a cause that you would like to have a tournament for please let me know. Jody and I can’t thank you guys enough for your support and we always look forward to having everyone over. So far over the course of five events we have had 78 total entrants and we’ve been able to raise $3,441 for the various causes! Thanks again!

I’m hoping to get back into blogging on a normal basis soon, I promise!


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