Results of the Light the Night Poker Tournament!

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On Saturday, Jody and I hosted the first tournament in a series of six to raise money for various charities. This is the third year that we’ve had the poker tournaments and we hope to provide everyone with a chance to have a lot of fun, meet new people and most importantly raise a lot of money for some great causes. The tournament on Saturday raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night walk, specifically Team DeMasi. Here is a link to our team if you’d like to donate: Team DeMasi. We had 16 players participate in Saturday’s event and we raised a total of $536! Thanks to everyone who came out! Here is a recap of the final table action:

Chip counts at start of final table:

1) Trevor Savage 113,900 (Seat one)

2) Jim DeMasi 93,700 (Seat four)

3) Sam DiStefano 82,200 (Seat three)

4) Sharon Tomczak 67,400 (Seat two)

5) Dan Prante 45,800 (Seat five)

6) Dave Anderson 27,700 (Seat eight)

7) Mike Syzmanski 27,300 (Seat seven)

8 ) Todd Pramov 21,000 (Seat six)

The blinds were at 1200/2400 with a 300 ante.

One of the most important pots of the tournament happened on the first hand of the final table. Action started with a limp under the gun by Dan Prante, followed by two other limpers. Sam completed in the small blind and Jim checked the big blind. The flop came J T 9 and action checked to Dan who bet 7k, Sam check-raised to 21k and Jim moved all in from the big blind. Dan folded and Sam called all in with J8 which was very far behind Jim’s Q8 which had flopped a straight. Sam needed to hit one of the three remaining queens to split the pot or hit runner-runner full house but it was not meant to be as a King came on the turn and a five came on the river. Sam played a great tournament but this one was not meant to be, he finished in 8th place.

Action continued quickly as Mike Syzmanski moved all in for 27k. Sharon Tomczak did her signature laugh and call with A4 of hearts which was up against Mike’s pair of eights. Sharon continued her run good as the flop came 442 and the board ran clean and Mike was eliminated in 7th place.

On the very next hand, Sharon limped into the pot, Dan Prante raised to 6k and Todd Pramov moved all-in for 15k. Sharon called as did Dan and the flop came 8 3 2. Dan bet 10k and Sharon got out of the way and the hands were turned up. Dan had outflopped Todd with his A8 overcoming Todd’s A9. The turn and river were blanks and Todd, last year’s final champion, was knocked out in 6th place.

Sharon continued her domination of the final table with another elimination, this time getting the best of Dan Prante. Sharon limped in and Dan raised to 12k. Sharon called and the flop came 466. Dan moved all in for 30k and Sharon looked him up with AK. Dan’s AQ was dominated and a queen was nowhere to be found on the turn or river sending him out the door.

Sharon or “The Black Widow” as she was dubbed by several players continued with the quick removal of players from the event when she eliminated me on the money bubble in fourth place. She limped in, and I moved all in with K10 from the big blind. She called with AJ and neither of us connected on a 56758 board but her Ace high was good enough to eliminate me in fourth place.

Going into three handed play here is how the stacks looked:

Jim DeMasi 267,000

Sharon Tomczak 188,500

Dave Anderson 24,100

The blinds were 2000/4000 with a 500 ante.

All it took was one hand and the tournament was over! Dave Anderson moved his short stack in from the button with pocket tens. Sharon made the call with the mighty 24 of hearts. Jim found AK of spades in the big blind and shoved all-in. Sharon shrugged and made the call. The flop gave Jim almost a lock on the hand as it came Ah 7s 6s giving him the top pair with a flush draw. The turn was a Queen of diamonds and Sharon was now drawing dead and eliminated from the tournament. Dave would need one of the two remaining tens to survive but the river was the 7h and Jim won the tournament! Dave Anderson finished in 3rd place for $112. Sharon Tomczak finished in 2nd place for $168 and your event 1 winner was Jim DeMasi who took home $280! Jim is also entered into the Tournament of Champions final table!

Event 1 Champion, Jim DeMasi!

Erin, Jim DeMasi, and second place finisher “The Black WIdow”

Everyone who participated earns at least one tournament leaderboard point. Here are the final results with the amount of tournament leaderboard points each player earned.

8th place: Sam DiStefano (2 points)

7th place: Mike Syzmanski (2 points)

6th place: Todd Pramov (2 points)

5th place: Dan Prante (3 points)

4th place: Trevor Savage (3 points)

3rd place: Dave Anderson $112 (4 points)

2nd place: Sharon Tomczak $168 (5 points)

1st place: Jim DeMasi $280 (6 points)

Event 2 is tentatively scheduled for May 17th. I will make the official announcement sometime later this week and send out a facebook invite to everyone. If that date doesn’t work out for those who regularly play, please let me know and I’ll see if I can work around it. Thanks again to everyone who came out to play and special thanks to Sharon and Dave who made additional donations from their winnings. Also, thanks to Pat LaVecchia who donated money but couldn’t make it and to Todd Bergmann and Dan Taylor for dealing the second and third tables. See ya for the next one!

Trevor and Jody



  1. Sam
    April 10, 2012

    Its easy to say now knowing the outcome of the hand but next time I will think about it a little more before calling….when you told me Jim had me covered I should’ve insta folded but I was feeling good all day, going with my first instinct and that time it got me… Hey Tre, I’ll take any critique you have about my play….I loved talking/hearing about hands you experienced in the past…. Also, Rocky was a cool guy, glad I met him and hope he makes the next one… Can’t wait for it!

    • Trevor
      April 10, 2012

      Hey Sam, thought you played well. Yeah I probably would have folded your hand once Jim goes all-in but like you said you went with your first instinct. I’m happy you had a good time and look forward to seeing you at the next one!

      • Sharon
        April 10, 2012

        Trevor is it okay to share the link. I have many friends in the poker room. It could draw attention to your cause but I don’t want to draw unwanted attention.

        • Trevor
          April 11, 2012



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