On the Road Again with The Momeys Part 2: Fun in Chicago

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So here is part 2 of our wacky adventure across the country for the WSOP. As I am editing these videos, I am also watching the footage for the first time and one part of this is so simple but had me laughing hysterically over and over. It is Ava saying something in the background right after the Cam translator appears in Whole Foods so pay attention for it!

We currently only have 9 or 10 days left on our trip out here. I finished 111th in the $2500 the other day for $5,371. Obviously a bit disappointing but at the same time I was happy with the way I played for the most part and I’m happy to have some positive momentum going into the end of the series. I am playing the $1,500 event tomorrow and then the main event this weekend.

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