Life is Beautiful

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I started my vlog on YouTube a few months back because of a competition offered up by fellow poker pros Jeff Gross and Andrew Neeme. We had to film 5 vlogs in 5 weeks with a different predetermined topic each week. During week 3 we were asked to interview someone who had been with us on our poker journey and I ended up making this video:

All week long when I was planning out the video I kept sitting down to write what I was going to say but all I could come up with was “Life is Beautiful”. I must’ve sat down 10 different times to try to write something else but nothing would come out. Finally when I was up against the deadline I sat down and it all just came pouring out:

Life is Beautiful. Life is about relationships. The bonds we form through these relationships are sacred. They make us feel whole, they inspire us to be great and they are there to pick us up when we fall or when life gets us down. They are the antidote to sadness. Life is so beautiful because these bonds can develop unexpectedly. Call it fate or destiny or whatever you want, if you keep your eyes, your mind and your heart open the world finds a way to put you where you need to be. 

Life is Beautiful. It’s full of opportunities to be there for people we love, to find new people to love and to keep alive the memories of those we’ve loved and lost. It’s about those sacred bonds that are created from the laughs and the tears and the stories. And if you do it right, the stories never end. Life is Beautiful. 

I’m so proud of this video and so happy I got to make it. I don’t want it to end there though because I love to write especially about life and why I think it is so incredible. It’s easy to get bogged down in all of the stress of life and miss out on all of the beauty. The thing is, there is a ton of beauty in the stress and the struggle. I don’t want to make any promises to write weekly entries about how life is beautiful but I would love to make it a regular thing so this is the start of that thing. 

Life is Beautiful because you have the ability to dream and believe anything you want. It’s crazy to think how much time each of us spends thinking to ourselves. With that time comes an immense amount of power. It’s beautiful because there is so much going on internally with every single person in the world. I believe the ultimate goal is to be able to be present with your thoughts and to be able to properly parse through them in a healthy way. This is one of the hardest things in life to do though. It’s hard enough as it is to even start these internal discussions. It’s much easier to bury them and allow yourself to be distracted. Life is Beautiful because you can make this choice to be aware and do your best to address the discussions without getting lost in them. As with everything its a balancing act because it is also easy to go the other extreme route and get lost in these internal discussions and twist them all around and miss what is happening right in front of you. 

Life is Beautiful because it’s full of emotions. Allowing myself to experience the full range of emotions and then go through afterwards and look into why I was feeling a certain emotion has been an eye opening part of my journey. I think it is really easy to just experience a bunch of emotions without ever taking the time to reflect and ask ourselves why we were feeling that emotion. It’s an incredible feeling to take a curious non judgmental approach and dig deeper into our own psyche and see what we find. A lot of times the answer is a lot different than what we felt it would be on the surface. It’s possible to experience joy on the surface but then realize that the joy came at the expense of another persons happiness. Alternatively, it’s possible to experience pain and sadness but upon reflection realize that it resulted in growth in you as a person in the long run. 

Life is Beautiful because I truly believe that all things work out the way they are intended to work out. I don’t have strong beliefs when it comes to religion or spirituality or anything like that but I do believe that things seem to happen for a reason although that reason is not always apparent. Believing this gives me the faith and confidence to trust myself and to recognize that as long as I stay present and do the things that I know that I need to do, great things will happen and if they don’t I’ll be prepared. 

Life is Beautiful because of love. True love can be limitless. It’s really just the most amazing part of life to me. Regardless of how great you think your interpersonal relationships are there is always another level up they can go. The ability to connect with another human being in this way is why Life is Beautiful. To truly accept them for who they are and love every part of them. To have unwavering belief in them and the relationship that you have. To trust that they have those same beliefs in you. To pour everything you have into their happiness. And to know that this really great kind of love never dies.

For me, today Life is Beautiful because I have the opportunity to be in the Bahamas to play in the biggest poker tournament of my life. Last night I got to meet people from all around the world that I only knew through the internet. It blows my mind that this is possible. They all seem like such genuinely good people and I’m so happy that Jody convinced me to make this trip. 

Life is beautiful 

I have so much more to write but don’t want to use up all of my thoughts in the first entry :). Hope you guys enjoy this, I love writing and I know that its an incredible outlet for the thoughts that I have and I really want to make it something I do often. 


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