Life is Beautiful Part 3

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Life is Beautiful because the world is so big and there is always something new to explore. You don’t have to travel around the world to see the beauty, a lot of times there are amazing things right in front of you. 

Life is Beautiful because you can make the choice to have a positive impact on the world. If you view every seemingly meaningless daily interaction with people as something more than that, as an opportunity to make someones day better, the opportunities are endless. The positivity spreads and flows around you. Life is Beautiful because we are given the opportunity every day to do this and it really doesn’t require much effort. 

Life is Beautiful because you can learn from other people. I think this is a life skill that not many people are taught and it’s just assumed that you should listen to people who have more experience than you do. I’ve been fortunate to constantly be surrounded by very smart, positive people and I feel like I’ve done my best to get everything out of them that I can. One thing I’ve learned from poker is you can always learn something from everyone you meet. In poker, it’s easy to dismiss players as worse than you and try to only learn from what better players are doing but I’ve found that there is something to be learned from all players. Keeping an open mind and being willing to experiment are key.

Life is Beautiful because time is limited. Those last three words have been a cause of my anxiety for years. There will always be more money, always be more stuff, but never more time. Everything in our default setting wants us to forget this and to place our focus away from it and on to the less important aspects of life. It’s our job to truly stay in the moment and make the most out of our time. 

Life is Beautiful because there is almost always a chance at redemption. Every second that passes is a chance to fix an error or do better than you did before. It’s easy to get lost in the sadness of a missed opportunity or a chance not taken. There is almost always a lesson in the experience and oftentimes an opportunity will present itself where you can take what you’ve learned form the previous experience and execute better. I’ve always liked the quote “Sometimes you need life to save you from what you want to give you what you really need”.

Life is Beautiful 


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