Life is Beautiful Part 2

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Life is Beautiful because you can become a different person than you were yesterday or last month or a year ago or ten years ago. When you are young you always hear people say things about how you “will see how it is when you are older”. It’s mind-blowing to me the shift in perspective that time actually brings. I never believed it would be this extreme. I can’t fathom doing some of the things that I did when I was younger now or using the thought process I used to make those decisions. One of the best parts about writing a blog over the years has been the ability to look back at how I thought and to see how I’ve grown. I can only assume that 40 year old Trevor will have a different perspective on certain things than current Trevor has. Life is Beautiful because of this ability to grow and to recognize that you weren’t necessarily wrong for thinking that way at the time. The way that we think is shaped by so many different things and the mistakes that we make throughout life are going to be plentiful. The ability to recognize those mistakes and work on our thought process is what leads to the growth that allows us be able to think in new ways when our perspective starts to shift. 

Life is Beautiful because all different kinds of art can help you to experience emotions. Music is my personal favorite. I’m always amazed that artists can create completely new songs with different words and music that can hit listeners in a bunch of different ways. One of my favorite parts of music is remembering these moments and hearing a song come on that takes you back to a time in your life. Belting that song out and feeling those emotions you felt at that time. 

Life is Beautiful because of forgiveness. You have the ability to forgive someone for the past. To recognize that they are truly sorry. To realize that they recognize the errors of their ways and to trust that they have grown from it and will continue to learn from mistakes. In turn, others can do the same for you when you are the one seeking forgiveness. Everyone makes mistakes. Life is Beautiful because although you can’t change the past you always have the opportunity to learn, to grow and to improve your process so that you don’t repeat past mistakes. 

Life is Beautiful because you never know what path it will take you down. It’s easy to forget this once you “settle down”. If you keep your mind open and you allow yourself to take risks, the possibilities and opportunities can continue to be endless. 

Life is Beautiful


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