Life Challenge #1: Phase 1 Strength Plan Day A

I had my first full session with Brian on Saturday. We went over all of the exercises that he put together for the first four week phase of the program. Phase 1 is going to be geared to developing strength in some of the foundational movements related to producing ground force on both two legs and one. There are two different workouts that I will be doing on alternating days 3 times a week. The other days I will be playing basketball or resting. I eat a pretty healthy diet as is but I will also be tracking my meals using MyFitnessPal. Below is the workout  for day A with videos showing each exercise. The warmup will be the same for both days.


Ball SMR/Foam Roll (5-10 reps each spot)

Use the Foam Roller to roll out problem areas on quads, adductors, achilles and upper back.

Hip Flexor PNF Stretch (5 each side)

1/2 Kneeling Adductor Mobility (8 each)

1/2 Kneeling Tspine Mobility (8 each)

Single Leg Glute Bridge (8 each)

Wall Ankle Mobility (10 each)

Walking Knee Pullup OH Lunge (5 each)

Squat to Stand (5 reps)

Lateral X -Band Walks (15 each)

High Knee Skips, Skips for Distance and Skips for Height (5 each on each side)


Core Training (Do these two exercises as a circuit, 2 sets each)

1a TRX Front Plank (30 seconds)

1b 1/2 Kneeling Anti-Rotation Press (15 each, 45 sec rest)


Power Development/Elasticity (Do these two exercises as a circuit, 3-4 sets each)

2a Kettlebell Swings (10 reps)

2b Hip Flexor Mobility with reach (3 each)

Resistance Training (Do 3a and 3b as a circuit, 4a and 4b, etc. 3 sets each)

3a Split Squats (8 each, 30 sec rest)

3b 1/2 Kneeling Tspine Mobility (8 each, 30 sec rest)

4a TRX Rows (12 reps, 60 sec rest)

4b Goblet Step ups (12 each, 60 sec rest)

5a SA Landmine Press (12 each, 60 sec rest)

5b SL Squat to Box (8 reps, 30 sec rest)


I did day A for the first time yesterday and I feel pretty good today. I’ve never done much squat work before so I thought my legs would be pretty sore today but so far so good. I will post day B tomorrow.



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