Life Challenge #1: Dunk a Basketball

I have decided to start a few different life challenge goals. I will be using the blog to keep track of my progress and talk about the process of accomplishing these goals. The first goal is to dunk a basketball. I have always loved playing and watching basketball and I’m 6″3 so the goal is something that is within reach but the ability to do it will get tougher the older I get. I have enlisted the help of my friend Brian Bott to help me achieve this goal. Brian is the co-author of “Get with the Program” (available on Amazon: and if anyone is interested in training with him he can be reached at

We met on Saturday at my gym to take some videos of where I’m starting from and some measurements.

I weighed in using my weight guru scale so I will post those numbers here and I’ll likely be weighing in again using the scale at Brian’s gym on Saturday.

Weight: 215.2 lbs

Body Fat: 17.1%

Muscle Mass: 38.9%

Standing Long Jump: 84″, 86″, 85″

Standing Vertical: 19″

Dunk attempt without ball

Dunk attempt with ball

So as you can see, I can grab the rim but still have a decent amount of work to do. I have my next session with Brian on Saturday where I should get the plan and put it into action. I don’t have a timeline to accomplish this goal by, I’m just going to focus on the process and I’m sure the results will come. I will continue to update the blog on the different things that I will be doing to achieve the goal as well as the progress I’m making. Stay tuned!

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