Every Hand from the Play Every Hand Challenge at Horseshoe Hammond

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I played a $1/$2 NL session at the Horseshoe Hammond for the Play Every Hand challenge on my YouTube channel. Here is the link to the video: https://youtu.be/D5DGgaDQhXE

I played 24 hands total. For the challenge I must voluntarily put money in the pot unless there is a 3 bet or an all-in before it gets to me. Prior to this session I was up $185 in 5 sessions. I will use some shorthand for this to make it easier for me.

  1. Raise AKo to $10, MP calls, CO calls. Flop QQ2r I check fold to a bet and raise.
  2. Limp 45o and fold to a big raise from short stack.
  3. Bunch of limps I check Qx9c. Flop Q64ccc, I check utg $10, utg1 call, I call. Turn Kx I check, utg $20, utg1 $40 I fold, utg call. River 5x check check UTG had QQ UTG1 had Kc8x.
  4. Bunch of limps I complete 69ss from sb and check fold AK7r.
  5. Limp J3o on button after bunch of limps. 7 ways AJ7cc checks around turn 8 mp bets one call I fold.
  6. Raise to $12 in cutoff with Ac8d sb and bb call. Check down Q43r6xQx board BB bets and we both fold.
  7. There is a straddle and a raise to $15, I call with 45o, player in blinds 3 bets to $60 and we all fold.
  8. Limp 25dd someone raises to $27 with $25 behind, I fold.
  9. Limp 6d7d 6 ways check call $10 from button on Kd5x2d, turn 3d check she bets $12, I shove for $52 total she calls river 9d and I lose to Ad5d
  10. Limp 47o utg 6 way check fold on 1096ccc
  11. Call A9o in bb vs utg raise to $7 and 2 calls. Check fold 833dd flop.
  12. Call 55 in sb after raise to $8 5 to flop. K84r checks around check fold 2x turn.
  13. Limp 39o and fold to bet and a call on 1076cc
  14. Limp 73o and fold to bet on KQJr
  15. Limp fold 72o to an $11 raise from a $30 stack.
  16. Limp call K8o to raise to $7 6 ways everyone checks down AQ376 board and A5 wins
  17. Limp K10o 7 ways check fold 993r
  18. A couple of limps I raise to $20 with AJo and everyone folds for my first win!
  19. Call raise to $6 with 4c5c check fold A97r
  20. Call raise to $5 with 7c3c fold to bet on QJ4r
  21. Call raise to $6 with 6h7h 5 to the flop. Kh7c3s checks to mp who bets $15, I call others fold. Turn Ac mp checks I bet $35 and he tanks a long time and folds.
  22. Utg opens to $10 I call 96o button calls. 863dd checks around turn Qd checks to button who bets $7 utg calls I call river 3x checks to button who bets $25, utg folds I call and beat ace high.
  23. Limp 44 utg call raise to $11 5 ways check KJ6r
  24. Limp KQo utg 6 ways fold 432r

In to the game for $300 out for $210 for a $90 loss in about an hour of play. If you have any questions about the hands feel free to reach out to me in YouTube comments, on twitter @TreMomey, instagram @tremomey or e-mail raisingthenuts@gmail.com

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