Every Hand from the Play Every Hand Challenge at Harrah’s Atlantic City

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I played a $1/$2 NL session at Harrah’s Atlantic City for the Play Every Hand Challenge on my YouTube channel. Here is a link to the video:

I played 60 hands total. For the challenge I must voluntarily put money in the pot unless there is a 3 bet or an all-in before it gets to me. Prior to this session I was up $95 in 6 sessions. I will use some shorthand for this to make it easier for me.

  1. I have AdQh in bb and make it $15 after 3 limps, one limper calls. Flop Qd Jd 6h I bet $15, limper calls. Turn Jc check check river Js check check and I beat AhKd.
  2. Complete 73o from sb and check fold QJ8
  3. Limp K8o on button 7 ways checks around to river on 457106 board where one player bets $10, another call I call and we chop 3 ways because we all have an 8.
  4. Limp 27o 6 ways check fold on 1063r
  5. Limp K8o flop AAA checks around turn A mp bets $5 I call river K mp checks I bet $10 mp calls we chop with Q9dd but win high hand for $300
  6. UTG raises to $12, 3 callers, I call 99 flop A97r checks to me I bet $15 pf raiser calls turn 7x he check folds to $35 bet.
  7. Late position raise to $10 I call 9c5s take flop heads up. 7c6c2s check check turn 5s I check call $15 river 10s I check he checks and announces ace high so I win.
  8. Complete 3c4c 6 ways check down A37Q5 and lose to someone’s two pair that never bet
  9. Limp 82o and fold to big raise from bb
  10. Limp 47o 5 ways check around K75r, I bet $5 on K turn when checks to me everyone folds.
  11. Limp K3o and fold to big raise
  12. Limp J6o 7 ways, fold to bet on AK7
  13. Limp J7o 5 ways check down 87298 to river and win
  14. Limp 23hh 7 ways check down AKJ109 and lose.
  15. Limp 63o and fold to bet on AQ10
  16. Call raise to $15 with J3o 5 way pot checks down on 10 10 8 K 8 board and AK wins.
  17. Call raise to $10 with 53o check fold to turn bet on A107J
  18. Call raise to $10 with 32o 4 ways fold to bet on A88
  19. Call raise to $12 with 108o fold to bet on AK7ddd
  20. Limp fold 104o to $20 raise
  21. Limp Q4cc 3 ways fold to big bet on KQJ
  22. 8 way limped pot with 52o, lead $5 on Q22 with two hearts, two calls. Lead $10 on 10x turn, mp raises to $25 I call. River 7 check check I beat Q10
  23. Limp K8o 7 ways fold to bet on AK6
  24. Limp A5o check down J10434 and fold to bet
  25. Check 43o in bb 7 ways fold to bet on 9955 board
  26. Complete K3dd in sb 7 way everyone checks J82dd fold to bet and call on 2x turn river K and they get it in with JJ vs 22.
  27. Limp K7o 7 ways fold to bet on A107r
  28. Call raise to $12 with Q9o check around on A87r fold 9x turn
  29. Call raise to $15 with Q5o check around AK3 fold to bet on 4 turn
  30. Limp 47o fold 1063ddd
  31. Limp A5o check down 9984K lose to J8
  32. Limp 62o fold to bet on AA6J
  33. Limp J5cc 7 ways fold to bet on 9446
  34. Limp Q4o fold to bet on 1085cc
  35. Call raise to $7 with A8o check fold K42r
  36. Call raise to $12 with K3o, someone shoves $200 everyone folds
  37. Raise K10o on button blinds fold
  38. Limp 73o fold to bet on J108 7 way
  39. Limp 64o check down AQ295 two pair wins
  40. Limp 103o check down KK3J9 fold to river bet and raise they both have KJ
  41. Limp K5o fold to bet on J72cc
  42. Limp 73ss 4 way bb leads $10 on AxKsJs utg calls I call turn 6s bb checks utg bets $20 I call bb calls river 3x bb checks utg bets $65 I fold bb calls 10s5s utg was bluffing
  43. Limp 63o fold to bet on AJJ
  44. Limp QhJh utg utg1 limp next to act $16, I call utg 1 folds. Flop K55hh I check call $35, turn 4h check check river 9x I bet $95 he shoves for $155 I call and beat red aces
  45. Check A3dd in bb check around 10x10d2d check call $10 on Ax turn check fold to $15 bet on 3x river
  46. Complete J9o 7 ways check fold A832
  47. Someone raises to $15 next guy jams $400, I fold 106o original raiser folds kings jammer shows Aces
  48. Limp 93o 8 ways 965r there is a $10 bet and a call and I fold
  49. Limp 77 5 ways check fold to bet on QJ3cc
  50. Call raise to $13 with As2s check down AJ1098 4 ways and beat KK and other random hands
  51. Limp J7dd cheeck fold A64hh
  52. Raise to $10 with AQo two calls check down K9654 and lose to 77
  53. Limp k3dd check fold Q107
  54. Check 75o in bb fold to bet on QQ3
  55. Complete 65o 2 ways check around 765 one heart turn 10h I bet $5 one call river 9x check check and I beat KQhh
  56. Limp 74o 8 ways check fold turn on Q423
  57. Limp 87o check down JJ949 7 ways
  58. Limp 73ss 8 ways fold to bet on K102hhh
  59. Limp 75cc 8 ways fold to bet on J87dd
  60. Limp QJo 8 ways check around AQ6r bb bets $6 on Q turn I call river 8 bb bets $15 I call and beat A7

In the game for $500 out for $683 plus $300 high hand bonus.  If you have any questions about the hands feel free to reach out to me in YouTube comments, on twitter @TreMomey, instagram @tremomey or e-mail raisingthenuts@gmail.com

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