Every Hand from the Play Every Hand Challenge at Derby Lane

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I played a $1/$2 NL session at Derby Lane in St. Pete, Florida for the Play Every Hand Challenge on my YouTube channel. Here is a link to the video:

I played 51 hands total.  For the challenge I must voluntarily put money in the pot unless there is a 3 bet or an all-in before it gets to me. Prior to this session I was up $578 in 7 sessions. The goal is to win $2,000 and donate half to charity. I will use some shorthand for this to make it easier for me.

  1. Limp 53o fold turn 4 way on AK27
  2. Limp Kc6d 7 ways, bet $5 on Q106ccc two calls, Turn 9c mp jams $25, I call bb folds I lose to J8cc
  3. Limp A5o 7 way fold to bet on 1074r
  4. Limp K2o call minraise 6 ways fold to bet on Q108A board on turn
  5. Call straddle w 86o call minraise 4 ways fold to bet on A44
  6. Limp 62o 7 way fold to bet on 955
  7. Check K8o in bb check down AK1097 board and win
  8. Complete 106cc in sb ch fold KJ2
  9. Call raise to $7 w J9o fold to bet 5 ways on A53r
  10. EP raises to $25 I call 7d2d heads up flop 8d 7x 3d he shoves I call all in for $158 turn Kd to crack black aces
  11. Call raise to $7 with 95o 6 way fold to bet on 1032r
  12. Limp A6hh fold to bet on Q75dd 7 way
  13. Limp 43o fold to bet on J64r 7 way
  14. Limp J6o fold to bet on 1088 6 way
  15. Check J8hh in bb fold to lead on KQJ 6 way
  16. Complete K6hh fold AJ5r 5 way
  17. Call raise to $7 with J3o 3 ways 943r flop pf raiser bets $11 I call other player folds. Turn Jx pf raiser check folds to my $30 bet
  18. Call raise to $8 with J9o 5 ways call $10 bet on Q86cc 4 ways fold to $25 bet on 6x turn
  19. Raise to $7 I call K10o 5 ways to flop. 10102hh pf raiser bets $11 I call, rest fold. Turn 4x he check calls $25, river 2x he check calls $65.
  20. Limp J3o fold Q42r flop 7 way
  21. Check 98o in bb fold to bet on K73r 7 way
  22. Complete 4h2h check down 972KQ with 4 diamonds and lose
  23. Limp 42o check down AKJ108 and lose
  24. Raise to $6 in CO with 96ss, btn calls, bb jams $12 total I call btn raises to $61 I fold he has AA
  25. Raise to $6 with A5cc 4 calls. Flop Q64cc mp jams $20 I call and lose to 65o on blank turn and river
  26. Raise to $7 with JJ bb calls hu flop 622r I bet $7 he folds.
  27. Limp A7cc 7 ways 873r checks around turn 5d I bet $8 one calls river 3x he check folds to $10 bet
  28. Limp 96o 6 ways check down 988Q3 and win
  29. Limp fold A2o to $20 raise
  30. Call raise to $6 with 106o check down to river on KJ4K3 6 ways and fold to bet
  31. Complete 105o fold to a bet and 3 calls on Q106r
  32. Call raise to $8 with K2o check down to river on J7544 and fold to bet.
  33. Limp K3o 7 ways flop checks around on AK8 one diamond turn Kd mp bets $13 I call rest fold. River Qd He checks I check he says he has nothing I win.
  34. Call raise to $7 with 109dd bb 3b to $21 3 of us call. Flop J74r bb bets $40 of his $80 stack we all fold and he shows QQ
  35. Raise to $6 I call with A9cc mp 3b to $12 I call we go 3 way. Flop A 10 10 r I check call $25 hu to turn Ax check check river 7 I bet $40 he calls with AK and we chop
  36. Call raise to $12 with QJo another player jams $57 I fold after opener calls
  37. Limp A8o 6 ways flop A107ss ep bets $15 I fold and he shows A7o
  38. Raise to $4 then a 3 bet to $11 so I fold 52o.
  39. Raise to $7 with Q8o blinds call I fold to lead on A76dd bb shows AK
  40. Limp 82o fold to bet on QJ8 7 way
  41. Limp J7hh check down AAK43 7 ways and lose
  42. Limp Q9ss 7 way fold to bet on KQ7dd
  43. Check J4o fold to bet on A94r 6 way
  44. Raise to $12 with 1010 from sb after a bunch of limps and everyone folds
  45. Call raise to $7 with 72o 5 ways fold to bet on 1043r
  46. Limp Q3o fold to bet 7 ways on AQ74r
  47. Limp J3o fold to bet 7 way on 1074r
  48. Limp K3o 4 ways bet $10 on K32hh all fold
  49. Limp 62o fold to bet on QJ7
  50. Check 83o in bb fold to bet on AAQ 7 way
  51. Call raise to $5 with 75o 7 way flop checks around on Q43r check fold to bet an call on 2x turn.

In the game for $250 out for $367. Total for challenge is now +$695. If you have any questions about the hands feel free to reach out to me in YouTube comments, on twitter @TreMomey, instagram @tremomey or e-mail raisingthenuts@gmail.com

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