What I’ve learned about Balancing Poker and Family

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When we were down in the Bahamas in the beginning of January, I did an interview with Lance Bradley, President and Editor in Chief of Pocketfives.com, where he asked me something to the tune of “How do you balance everything you have going on between poker, parenting and the streaming/creating content?” I don’t remember exactly […]

Why are we all so STRESSED?

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If you took the time to click through to read this, the word “stressed” was more than likely what caught your attention. Stress has been around forever but it feels like now more than ever the word stress is defining how an entire generation of people feel. What exactly is stress and why does it […]

Two Easy Steps to Making Big Changes in Your Life

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There are two very easy steps you can take to make big changes in your life. Show up and be present. Show up and be present. It sounds so much easier than it is. When it comes to anything we want to do in life the simple act of showing up and getting started seems […]

The Reality of Mortality

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Every night as I try to fall asleep it hits me. Even on the nights where I fall asleep immediately, it follows me into my dreams. One day, the physical form of me and all of the people around me that I love will cease to exist. I have worked very hard over the last […]

Tournament Poker

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For most of my 11+ years as a professional poker player I have focused on cash games rather than tournaments. For those of you who read this blog that are unfamiliar with poker I will break down the differences for you. In a cash game you buy in for an amount in real dollars (for […]

Emulating and Personalizing The Process

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We are a little over halfway through the first month of 2016 which means according to this study done by the Statistic Brain Research Institute about 30% of us have given up on our New Year’s resolutions. By the end of the year, only 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolution. One of the main reasons […]

What Are You Holding on to?

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On my self improvement journey, I spend a lot of time in thought sifting through memories and experiences in an effort to determine what I can learn from them. As a poker player, I’m constantly trying to assess my thought process as well as the thought process of others. I’m incredibly interested in the idea […]

10 years as a Professional Poker Player: My struggle with anxiety and finding Headspace

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It’s been ten years since I graduated college and decided to play poker for a living. When hitting these type of milestones I usually flash back in my mind about how it all got started (read about that here, my poker story, which I wrote at the end of 2008) and everything I’ve been through […]

Life Challenge #1: Phase 1 Strength Plan Day B

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I’m about a week and a half into the challenge and things have gone very well so far. I’ve been able to get the workouts in and I feel good about how I’ve been eating. Using the MyFitnessPal app or logging your meals in any way really makes you accountable for what you eat. I’ve […]

Life Challenge #1: Phase 1 Strength Plan Day A

I had my first full session with Brian on Saturday. We went over all of the exercises that he put together for the first four week phase of the program. Phase 1 is going to be geared to developing strength in some of the foundational movements related to producing ground force on both two legs and […]