A Week in the Life, Day 5

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This is the last post in this series. Here are the previous days: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 .

6:33 AM: I woke up this morning to a swift kick in the ribs from Ava. I skipped the gym because I wanted to make sure I got to work at a decent time because I knew I was taking a short day. I wrote yesterday’s blog entry, took a shower, ate breakfast and got to spend some time with Ava and Cameron since I didn’t see them at all on Thursday.

10:01 AM: I left for work. It was such an amazingly gorgeous day out.  Because I make my own schedule and can choose to skip work any day I want with no penalty (other than missing out on possible income) it is easy to fall into a pattern of coming up with excuses not to go in. It is an interesting thing to juggle because on one hand I want to be able to take advantage of the flexibility that my job offers but I also want to make as much money as I possibly can and in order to do so I need to put in as many hours as possible. As with anything, finding somewhere in the middle between workaholic and slacker seems to be the best solution.

10:45 AM: I arrive at work and because two of the regulars decided to be slackers today there wasn’t anyone else there to start the 10/10 game shorthanded with me.  To be fair, one of them was placed on the disabled list and the other was going to a “concert”. I started in a 2/5 game that was 4 handed and played one meaningful hand in the hour or so there before the 10/10 game started.

1) Seat 7 raises on the button, I call in small blind with J10o. Flop is Qc Qx 10x, I check, he bets $15, I call. Turn is 2c, I check, he bets $75 and I call. River is 4x, I check he bets $150, I call and he says 8 high and said he missed backdoor clubs.

2) We start the 10/10 game 7 handed right around noon. Very early on I play a pretty big pot. Seat’s 4 and 6 limp, I raise to $60 with Kd9d, Seat 2 calls in the small blind and the other two call. Flop is Jd 8x 5d and they check to me. I bet $140, Seat 2 calls, 4 folds and 6 calls. Turn is Qd. They check to me I bet $380, Seat 2 raises to $1,180 with $600 behind, Seat 6 folds, I think longer than I’ve ever thought with the second nuts and eventually shove. He calls river is a King and I win. Later, the guy sitting next to him tells me seat 2 had a set of eights.

3) Seat’s 4 and 6 limp, I raise to $60, Seat’s 9 and 1 call as well as the two limpers. Flop is Kx 5d 6d, they check to me, I bet $180 and they all fold.

4) Seat 7 limps, I limp, Seat 9 raises to $60, Seats 2, 4 and 7 call as I do I. Flop is Kx 7h 3h and it checks around. Turn is an offsuit Ace. They check to me and I bet $150, everyone folds except the 4 seat. River is the 9h he checks, I bet $380 and he snap folds.

4:01 PM:  After a pretty uneventful five hours besides the one big pot, I leave up $2,448.

5:16 PM: Unfortunately, I hit the Friday traffic coming home so I spent a lot of time driving 10 mph. I usually try to avoid leaving at that time especially on Fridays but Jody had some stuff she needed to get done.

6:10 PM : We decide to go to dinner at PJ Whelihan’s where our friend Katie works. We sat outside and the girls were absolutely insane running around like maniacs. Afterwards, I went over to my Dad’s house with the girls because it’s right down the street and Jody went over to the mall. I watched the first half of the Sixers game and it was absolutely brutal.

9:24 PM: We left my Dad’s house and headed home. I put Cam in bed and Ava fell asleep on the couch as I watched the second half of the game. The Sixers looked like a completely different team and came back to win in exciting fashion (In your face Sidote sisters!). Hopefully they can take that momentum to Boston and win game 5.

11:24 PM: We head up to bed and fall asleep.

Work week recap: 

I would like to start by pointing out that not every week is like this week. I won all five days which is very difficult to do and pretty abnormal. In all five days, at some point in each day I was up $2,500 or more. The biggest pot I played all week I actually lost but besides that I was fortunate not to lose many very big hands.

In total, I played exactly 40 hours of poker this week. If you add in the commuting time, I spent about 48 hours this week total for poker related work. I won $8,743 in that time period which is an above average week.

There are also expenses related to playing live poker that directly take away from my bottom line that I haven’t talked about yet. The poker room makes their money from each table by one of two ways: 1) Rake: Out of each hand played, a certain percentage is taken out of the pot for the casino. This number is usually 10% up to $40 or $50 so the maximum that will come out of each pot is $4 or $5. 2) Time: This is the way our 10/10 game works. Every half hour each player pays $6 to play. We do a time pot which I actually run. The way that works is I put up the $54 total (assuming 9 players) and then either the first pot over $500 has the full $54 taken out of it or the first two pots over $200 each have $27 taken out of them. Even though we do the time pots, let’s just estimate based on what I would have paid in time this week. Since I played 40 hours at $12/hr to the casino, we can say I paid $480 to the casino this week.

I usually bring my own water with me but sometimes I run out or I want to drink a green tea or two and I also ordered food from the waitresses a few times this week so we will put that estimate at about $20 in tips to them.

The dealers make their money in tips so I tip them on every hand I win. I used to tip a lot more but I curbed that habit a bit when I realized how much of my income I would be putting out a year in tips. Still, let’s say I average winning 5 hands an hour (it’s actually probably more than that especially when we start the game shorthanded like we often do) and I tip just $1 per hand. So we will estimate $200 for the week for tipping the dealers.

To summarize:

$480 paid in time

$20 to waitresses

$200 to dealers

$700 total in expenses that have already been subtracted from my weekly total. So if not for those expenses, I would have won $9,443. Note that those expenses occur whether I win or lose so  I could have a losing week that was really a break even or winning week.

There are also other additional expenses that come out of pocket:

$25 Tolls

$128 Gas

$80 Food (We ordered salad works one day and I lost the “salad pot” to pay for everyone else, same concept as the time pot except for salads)

So $233 in additional expenses.

Overall, I have to say it was a great week and it was fun writing everything down. I received a lot of positive feedback so I want to thank everyone for that. I will probably continue writing entries like this in the future when I feel like it and you can look forward to other interesting content as I continue to write in this blog. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great weekend!




  1. whatever
    May 19, 2012

    Thx for writing it up! Great read.

    If only live poker was this easy every week…

  2. Rod
    May 19, 2012

    That’s a lot of money, have you ever been on TV?

  3. Mountain Dew Hat
    May 23, 2012

    Yo Trevor:

    I tried to hit the contact me on this web-site, but it didn’t work. If you get this tonight and you guys could use another for basketball tomorrow, e-mail me at the address I submitted here. Warning: I have not played in 5 years!!


    • Trevor
      May 24, 2012

      Hey Chris! Just saw this now and we could have used another because Rocco couldn’t play so we just ended up cancelling.. Next time I see you at Parx I’ll have to get your number


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