A Week in the Life, Day 3

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This is the third day of this feature in my blog, click here for Day 1 and here for Day 2

6:44 AM: I woke up feeling much more refreshed than the previous few days. Jody headed to the gym and I wrote the previous days blog and checked emails.

8:04 AM: Jody returned from the gym and I headed there for a short workout. I shot around for 15 minutes and then did the elliptical for only 15 minutes because I only had a little bit of time.

8:59 AM: When I got home both girls were awake. I made myself some breakfast and although Cam already ate she got very excited when she saw my eggs. I gave her a decent portion of my eggs and within 30 seconds she ran back over to me with her mouth full and her plate empty requesting more. So I cut up a little more and gave them to her and about 15 seconds later she ran back over to me again with an empty plate. This time I cut up just two little pieces and put it on her plate and when I handed it to her she looked at me like “Are you serious?” and shoved both pieces in her mouth as she stood next to me and threw the plate back at me! Here is a blurry picture of her requesting more eggs:

Ava had to go to gymnastics and Jody was kind enough to take Cam with her so that I could get into work on time and not miss the start of the game. I got showered and made myself an interesting lunch. I sauteed up onions, green beans, asparagus, zucchini, and a couple roasted red peppers and seasoned them with garlic salt, crushed red pepper and hot sauce and mixed that concoction up with lentils. It ended up being pretty delicious.

10:02 AM: I leave for work.

10:38 AM: I arrive and we start up the game, we were 4 handed for a few minutes and then the game filled up. The first hand happened while we were still short.

1) I raise J8o on the button to 40, Seat 9 calls. Flop Qh8x8h he checks and I bet $50 and he calls. Turn 5h, he checks and I bet $120 and he calls. River 4x he checks I bet $240 and he calls and I win against a slow played AA.

2) Game is full now. I raise in early position with AdKd. Seat 2 calls on the button and seat 5 calls in the big blind. Flop is QdJx7d and seat 5 leads $90 with a $2.2k stack and I decide to call. Seat 2 raises to $300 with about a $1k stack. Seat 5 thinks a bit and calls. I decide to raise to $960, Seat 2 moves all-in immediately and Seat 5 folds. The turn is the 4c and the river is an offsuit Jack, I turn over my hand and say Ace high and Seat 2 stands up and looks at the board and back at his hand and turns over 9d10d so I win the pot.

3) I played a ton of small to medium sized pots that I didn’t record. I probably lost a little bit overall in those hands. Then about 4 hours into the session seat 6 raised to $20, seat 7 called, I called in the small blind and seat 9 called in the big blind. The flop came Kc 10x 2c and I lead for $60, seat 9 called, seat 6 folded and seat 7 called. The turn was the Qc. I thought a bit and checked, seat 9 bet $130, seat 7 contemplated for a bit then folded and I raised to $390. Seat 9 thought a few seconds and raised to $660. He had about $1.7k behind and I thought for a while and called. The river was the 7d and I thought for a bit and bet $1,270. Seat 9 thought for a very long time but eventually folded a 10 high flush.

4) Two players limped, seat 5 made it $40 with $1.2k total and I raised to $180 in the small blind with AhQh and he was the only caller. The flop came Jx4c5c and I bet $220 and he called after some thought. The turn was an offsuit 9 and I checked and he thought a bit and checked. The river was an offsuit queen and I thought a bit again and checked and he quickly checked and I won.

5) Towards the very end of the day I raised to $40 in middle position, Seat 2 called in the cutoff and Seat 4 called in the big blind. The flop was Ks Js 9x and we checked to seat 2 who bet $100 with a $1.4k stack, seat 4 folded and I raised to $270. He instantly made it $600. I thought for a decent amount of time and folded and he showed Qs10s for the flopped nuts with the royal flush draw.

5:29 PM: I decided to leave for the day after about a 7 hour session. I won $2,445.

6:12 PM: I got home and the girls came running to me wearing beautiful new dresses that they had just bought when they went out shopping with Jody.

6:41 PM: We decided to head over to the mall for some dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. I got the mediterranean plate to start and the tortilla soup. I got the California club pizza for dinner and drank a glass of Malbec. The girls were crazy like they typically are when we go out to restaurants. Cam was trying to hand food off to all of the people sitting next to us and behind us. I was watching the Sixers game and said something to Jody during the first quarter about how they were playing so well. From the time that I said that until the end of the game they were outscored by about 400 points. After dinner, we walked over to H&M so Jody could find an outfit for the Stationary convention she is going to next week but the girls were being insane and it was getting close to bedtime so we just left there empty handed.

9:04 PM: We get home from the mall and get the girls dressed for bed.

9:34 PM: As I’m sitting on the couch and dozing in and out I realize I have a meeting for Spoolios so I jump on Skype and talk to Jay and Blaine for about 45 minutes about different marketing ideas. We have been trying to contact all different media people and we’ve been receiving responses from a few so that is a good start. At some point I went up to bed and went to sleep but to be honest with you I can’t remember what time that happened.

Hope everyone’s week is going well!




  1. Jacki
    May 17, 2012

    I’ve read the previous day’s posts and while I have no clue what’s going on with all that poker talk, I thoroughly enjoyed them. I typically just skim through until the end to see how much u won. I will be upset when I don’t get to know what’s happening every second of your day. Maybe just do this every day….forever?

    • Trevor
      May 18, 2012

      Haha thanks, it’s been enjoyable to write.. maybe I’ll do one a week or something after this!

  2. Blaine
    May 17, 2012

    Shout out in the blog! I’m famous now! Was glad to see you go to bed early tonight. I’ve been reading these, and maybe it’s that whole myth of having kids keeps you up more, but you don’t sleep enough. Good luck at the tables to finish out the week!

    • Trevor
      May 18, 2012

      On the days that I get 5.5 hours or less of sleep I def agree. It seems like 6.5 hours is my perfect amount where I wake up feeling refreshed and usually remain that way throughout the day. If I sleep 7 or more hours I usually end up feeling worse than if I sleep 6.5. Also, the closer to bed time that I eat a big meal the more tired I am in the morning so I try to avoid eating too much before bed.


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