A Week in the Life, Day 2

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This is the second day of this feature in my blog. Click here for Day 1. 

12:18 AM: I finally fall asleep after mindlessly reading the internet for a bit.

5:52 AM: I wake up, partly because I felt like my alarm was going off soon but more so because Ava was laying on my head.

6:27 AM: After going through my morning routine of checking e-mails and sending them out, I head to the gym. I shot around on the court for 20 minutes or so and then ran 2 miles on the treadmill. Normally I do Yoga on Tuesdays at 7 am but it wasn’t going to work yesterday with my schedule.

7:30 AM: I get home from the gym and just as I start making breakfast Cameron wakes up for some reason. I spend the next hour and a half getting ready and making the girls breakfast once Ava wakes up.

9:00 AM: I have an appointment to get my haircut, which was badly needed.

9:41 AM: I leave for work. Ava is extremely upset that I’m leaving and stands by the door for at least 3 minutes refusing to move. Cameron stands beside her but she is smiling. Finally, Jody convinces Ava to move and I run out of the house into the pouring rain.

10:22 AM: I arrive at Parx and we get the game started pretty quickly albeit 4 handed and then 5 handed for a good amount of time.

Today was a much more calm day for me as far as playing big pots. In fact, in the first two hours I didn’t really play any interesting hands and over the course of the day I didn’t lose any very  big pots.

1) First big hand was about 2 hours into the day and I believe we were playing 6 handed. Seat 4 raised to $40, Seat 7 called, I raised to $140 with AK, Seat 4 made it $400, Seat 7 folded and I shoved all in for his $1,400 stack. He called with JJ and I turned an Ace to win the pot.

2) Seat 7 raises to $40 in late position, I call and everyone else folds. Flop is Kc6x2c and he bets $60, I call. Turn is an offsuit 7, he checks I bet $130 and he calls. River is a 6. He checks, I bet $270 and he calls and I win.

3) Game fills up. Seat 5 straddles I raise to $90 with AQcc and he is the only caller. Flop is Ah 10h 3x and he bets $120 which I call. Turn is an offsuit 8. He bets $120 again and I raise to $420 and he calls. River is another Ace. He bets $340, I raise to $810 and he thinks a long time and calls and I win a pretty big pot.

There were a decent amount of other interesting small pot decisions but I didn’t record them in my notes.

5:58 PM: I decide to leave because I wanted to try to get home in time to get my oil changed and get to the bank. I won $2,539 after about 7.5 hours of play.

6:42 PM: I arrive home. During my drive I called and found out they were booked up for the night so I couldn’t get my oil changed. Jody and I ate dinner and then I decided to take the girls with me to the bank and to grab a few groceries which they were very excited about.

7:52 PM: I give Cam a bath and help Ava take a shower and get them ready for bed. Cam is super easy to deal with at bed time. I just tell her it’s bed time and she gives Jody and Ava kisses and runs upstairs. She has a little routine where she turns on the CD player in her room and listens to John Mayer and then kisses all of her stuffed animals that she lays with. Ava is a little more difficult. She will constantly try to bargain with me so that she can sleep in our bed or she will start throwing tantrums saying that she is scared. Last night she kept saying she wanted me to lay with her in her bed and cuddle with her. So I laid there for a bit and she kept saying that I needed to sleep in her room or she needed to sleep in my room and I kept saying no. After crying like this for about 5 minutes she got quiet for a little bit and then said “Okay Dad, you can leave now, good night” She’s such a silly little girl.

9:45 PM: After watching a little bit of TV, Jody and I head up to bed but I don’t end up falling asleep until sometime after 11.

Sorry there weren’t too many interesting poker hands today, I’ll try harder today!




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  1. Rod
    May 17, 2012

    Oh man, this is awesome. Can’t believe how much she has grown up since I last saw her…

    “She has a little routine where she turns on the CD player in her room and listens to John Mayer and then kisses all of her stuffed animals that she lays with.”


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