A Week in the Life, Day 1

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I often have people ask me what it is like being a professional poker player and what a typical day is like. I figured this blog was a good place to give everyone a glimpse of a typical week into my life and what it’s like to play poker for a living. I will recap a lot of the big hands I play throughout each day, however I don’t plan on openly discussing the strategy involved in each decision. In certain hands, I will not be revealing my actual cards if the hand doesn’t go to showdown and I will only be referring to players by their seat number. If anyone wishes to discuss what they think I might have had or the way hands were played, I would encourage them to post in the comments section. I may choose to respond to a few of those questions or comments because I really enjoy that type of discussion. If I don’t play with you on a daily basis and you are interested in knowing what I had in a particular hand, feel free to e-mail me at tresav63@yahoo.com and I will get back to you. I hope everyone enjoys these entries and I look forward to hearing some feedback!

12:23 AM-:After an eventful and enjoyable Mother’s Day, I go to sleep.

5:33 AM: My alarm goes off and I wake up, surprised that Ava has not climbed into bed in the middle of the night like she normally does. I spend the next half hour or so waking up and cleaning up my e-mail inboxes and sending out e-mails for Spoolios. These e-mails are going out to local sports media people who I hope will enjoy Spoolios and spread the word. I log into my own Spoolios account and check out whats going on with my favorite teams.

6:06 AM: I leave my house for my local gym which is about 10 minutes away. I shoot around on the basketball court for about 15 minutes to warm up and then spend 30 minutes on the elliptical.

7:19 AM: I arrive home from the gym and spend the next hour sending out more e-mails for Spoolios and adding people to my twitter feed. I also shower and get dressed for the day and make myself a cheese omelette and cinnamon raisin ezekiel english muffin for breakfast while Jody is at the gym.

8:33 AM: Ava finally wakes up and surprisingly she slept the whole night in her room. She is immediately full of energy and wants to play.

8:46 AM: Cameron wakes up and I spend the next hour or so making them breakfast and getting their day started. I make breakfast for Jody and make us both protein shakes using this awesome Ninja blender thing that we recently bought.

9:41 AM: The saddest part of the day, I leave for work. Both girls are usually standing by the door trying to block me from leaving. I’ve recently bartered with Ava and let her keep my iPad at home in exchange for letting me leave the house.

10:30 AM: I arrive at Parx. It took me a bit longer today to get in because of traffic on the bridge. The game I play in every day is $10/$10 No limit Texas Hold’em with a minimum buy-in of $500 and a maximum of $3,000. I always buy-in for the maximum and I keep chips in my pocket in case I lose a few hands and go under $3,000. The game has a pretty consistent group of rotating regulars with a few random people playing every once in a while. If you are not familiar with reading poker hands then you can either skip this section or skim it to see how much I win or lose in each hand. If you have any questions about what abbreviations mean, feel free to let me know. I always sit in the 8 seat so keep that in mind when reading the action. I will number the hands so if anyone wants to discuss in the comments section they can reference the hand number.

1) Literally the first hand of the day, I raise to $40 with JJ, Seat 9 3bets to $110 and I call. The flop comes AK9r and I check fold to a $140 and he shows AK.

2) Literally the second hand of the day, I raise to $40 utg with QdQc. Seat 2 calls and Seat 4 calls. The flop is 6s6x2s and I bet $90. Seat 2 calls, Seat 4 folds. The turn is a 5s. I check, Seat 2 bets $100, I call. River is an offsuit 10. I check, seat 2 bets $170, I call and lose to his nut flush with A3ss. Not the best start to the day.

3) There is a straddle to $20, I raise to $70 with 77. Seat 2 calls in position. The flop comes QJ9r, I check and he just decides to fold, basically handing me $170. Thanks 🙂

We are an hour into the game and the action is great. I have played a lot of hands already, but I’m only going to be posting interesting hands or big pots, not every single hand I play. I also generally never know exactly how much I’m up or down during a session so it’s hard to give an estimate at each point in the day.

4) Seat 7 raises to $40 in early position. I call with AJdd, two other players call and Seat 5 (who we will see a lot of in this write up) raises to $230. Seat 7 folds. I raise to $600, the other players fold and Seat 5 goes all-in for somewhere between $700 and $800 total which I obviously call. The turn comes an Ace but my hand was already good as Seat 5 shows just a King which was most likely KQ or KJ so I win the pot.

5) Seat 3 raises to $50 with about $2,000, Seat 4 calls with $2,000, I raise to $240 in the SB. Seat 4 calls. Flop is Ah10h9x I check and he checks. Turn is an offsuit 8, I bet $340 and he folds.

6) 5 way pot pre-flop for $50 and I have 44. Flop comes 4x4x8d and it checks around. Turn 9d. Seat 5 bets $150 and I call but everyone else folds. River is an offsuit 6, he checks I bet $540 and he folds quickly.

7) Straddled pot and every single player at the table calls to me on the button with AA. I raise to $180, Seats 4 and 5 call and Seat 6 goes all-in for $360 total which is great because now I can make it $740 and get heads up with a bunch of dead money in which I do. He is drawing dead by the turn with whatever he had and lucky for me Seat 5 had 3c4c and would have flopped the nuts on a 256 flop so I would have lost a big pot.

Here’s where things start to get really crazy about 4 hours into the session. At this point things were going well and I was likely up about $2,000.

8 ) Straddled pot and I limp. Seat 9 limps, Seat 2 makes it $90. Seat 5 calls as do I and the 9 seat. Flop is AQ2r. We check to seat 2 who bets $110, Seat 5 calls, I raise to $340. Seat 2 calls, Seat 5 moves all-in for $940 more. I think for a long time and unhappily fold. Seat 2 calls and loses to Seat 5’s AQ.

9) I raise to $50 in middle position. Seat 1 calls, Seat 3 3bets on the button to $200. Seat 5 calls $200 cold, I call and Seat 1 calls. Flop is Ks7s7c and we all check. The turn is the Jc. Seat 5 checks, I bet $530. Seat 1 folds, Seat 3 thinks a while and makes it $1,200. Seat 5 folds and I think a bit and call. We each have somewhere near $3,500 behind still. River is a small offsuit card and I check and after a few seconds he says all-in. I think for a long time and fold.

10) There is a straddle, one player limps and Seat 5 raises to $80. I 3bet to $230 and he calls. The flop is Ah Kh 3s. He checks and I bet $360 and he calls. The turn is the Js and he leads $500. I call. River is 7s and he leads $500 again and I go all-in for $2,400 more. He thinks a little bit and announces he has a flush.. thinks a little while longer and calls and I say “I can’t beat a flush” and muck my hand and his 4s5s wins one of the biggest pots I can remember losing in this game so now I’m down somewhere over $3,000.

11) Seat 5 limps, I make it $50 on the button with Kd7d, Seat 1 calls from the BB and Seat 5 calls. Flop is Qc 10d 4d. Seat 1 checks, Seat 5 bets $150, I raise to $430, Seat 1 folds and Seat 5 calls. Turn is an offsuit King, he checks and I check. The river is the 5d so I make the second nuts. Seat 5 bets $500 and I move all-in and he calls with K4hh for a no good two pair so I win an almost 6k pot so I’m almost back to even.

12) Seat 7 raises in early positionto $50, I call and three others call. The flop is Ad Qd 4x and they check to me and I bet $180, it folds back to Seat 6 who had limped UTG and he raises to $430. I 3bet to $1,060 and we are probably about $4,000 deep. He shows 4d5d and folds.

13) Seat 3 raises to $60 utg, Seat 5 and 6 call and I raise to $280 with AA, UTG calls with $400 behind and the other two fold. Flop is KcJc10c and we get it all in and I hold against his QcQx.

14) I limp utg with AhKh, seat 5 makes it $50, seat 6 calls and I make it $250. Seat 5 calls. Flop is 9c8c3h and we both check. Turn is a 9h and I bet $240 and he calls. River is an offsuit 4, I check and he bets $270 and I call and win against his hand that missed.

15) The very next orbit I have AhKh again utg and limp. Seat 5 makes it $60 and I choose to just call and we are heads up. Flop comes Ks3h2s I check and he bets $200. I raise to $630 and he goes all-in for around $2,500. I call and he has AK also with no spades so I’m free rolling but turn is a blank spade so we chop.

7:38 PM: I play a few more small pots here and there and end this 9 hour roller coaster of a session with a $988 win.

8:22 PM: I arrive home to the best part of the day, two beautiful little girls screaming “Daddy!!!”. I had to run right back out though to return a printer to Staples and pick up a few groceries. I watched the end of a great Sixers win and then sent out a few more e-mails.

11:27 PM: I finish up this blog and head up to bed to watch the Lakers-Thunder game and begin the recharging process for another long day ahead of me tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed day 1!








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