The Friday Five

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I haven’t forgotten about you guys, I actually started a draft of a post earlier this week but didn’t have time to complete it. I hope to finish it up later tonight or tomorrow and have it posted by Sunday. For now, you guys can enjoy this week’s Friday Five: 1) Richard Neal’s P90X Results […]

The Friday Five

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I wanted to start this week’s Friday Five off by saying thank you to everyone for the positive feedback on my last blog. I had the largest amount of traffic that day in this blog’s short history so I have to thank all of you that shared the post on Facebook and Twitter or told […]

A year since Black Friday:Ten things you can do to improve your life

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One year ago today, the United States Department of Justice indicted the three largest poker sites- Pokerstars, Full Tilt and Absolute/UB. This day became known in the poker world as “Black Friday”, a day that left myself and many of my friends essentially jobless, some with large portions of our net worth left floating in […]

The Friday Five (a day late again!)

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Sorry guys, I really need to get on the ball with getting the Friday Five out on Friday morning or change the name! 1) Andrew Bynum tries to steal the ball from Steve Blake so he can shoot a three Thoughts: This is hilarious. A few weeks ago, Bynum got benched for shooting a three […]

Results of the Light the Night Poker Tournament!

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On Saturday, Jody and I hosted the first tournament in a series of six to raise money for various charities. This is the third year that we’ve had the poker tournaments and we hope to provide everyone with a chance to have a lot of fun, meet new people and most importantly raise a lot […]

The Friday Five, Easter Sunday edition

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Sorry for the delay on this week’s Friday Five. Here it goes.. 1) Maryland Mega Millions Mystery Deepens, NBC Washington Cliff notes: A woman who worked at McDonald’s had one of the three record breaking winning Mega Millions tickets. Her coworkers say the tickets were part of a group pool. Now the woman has lost […]

Atlantic City and an early Revel review

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Playing poker for a living while trying to maintain a normal family life can present some challenges. As much as I enjoy playing on a somewhat regular schedule at Parx, inevitably after a few weeks of the same routine I feel the urge to travel somewhere or find some way to switch things up. I […]