10 days in Vegas/St. Pete: Days 4-6

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This is the second in a series of blog posts detailing my trip to Vegas for the WSOP Main Event. Click here for Part 1

Day 4 Monday July 9th 

9:30 AM: We wake up and get ready for the day. I still feel a little sick but definitely a lot better than the previous days.

10:30: We head over to Serendipity 3 at Caesars. We went there last year and I got this amazing, ridiculous sandwich that was $20 and had a strip steak, eggs and bacon on garlic french bread. This year I went with a chicken sandwich and Jody and I got these incredibly delicious frozen hot chocolate drinks with a bunch of alcohol in them. I got the Peanut butter one which is pictured below. I highly recommend this place if you are in Vegas or NYC.

1:00: Jody and I return to our hotel and hang out by the pool for several hours. I wrote the first blog entry on the trip which took quite a while and we had another mixed drink by the pool. I took a ride to the store to buy some liquor for the night.

7:30: We take a ride over to Town Square, which is an outdoor mall in Vegas, because Jody needed to buy some stuff from Express. I spent the next few hours laying around in the bed as Jody got ready to go out.

10:30: We head over to the Cosmopolitan to the Chandelier Bar to meet up with our friend Casey. I ended up having one beer but didn’t really feel like drinking much more. Casey had to play Day 2 of the Main so he didn’t stay out too late.

12:30: We left Cosmopolitan and went over to the Rio to meet up with our friends Jason and Jared at the Hooker Bar. We hung out there for a bit and then decided to head over to the Palms for some late night food at the 24/7 cafe there. Jason was in rare form that night and ordered just a crap load of food immediately. He then decided that Jared needed to eat mashed potatoes that he was throwing immediately. Jody got it on camera:


Overall it was a great night and we got home sometime around 4 am.

Day 5 Tuesday July 10th

11:15 AM: We woke up and got to skype with the girls which was nice. I made some breakfast for us at the hotel.

1:30: We headed over to Caesars for a day at the pool. Jody needed a new bathing suit so we stopped at the Victoria’s Secret there first. We then met up with Jason and a few other guys who had a cabana at the pool. We decided to start with the big fruity alcoholic drinks which ended up costing $22 a piece! After that I switched to beer and had quite a few throughout the day. During this time period, we decided for sure that we were going to Tampa/St. Pete the next day to spend the rest of our trip with our friend’s Jay and Ken to celebrate Andy’s life. Originally we were going to go to San Diego but we felt like we should be in St. Pete to meet Andy’s family and spend our time there. We booked our flights while at the pool that day.

7:00: Jody and I got very hungry so we decided to go to one of our favorite West Coast chain restaurant’s Sammy’s. We each got the Tomato Bisque soup and split some edamame and hummus. I got the garlic chicken pizza and Jody got some kind of vegetable salad. For dessert, we got the messy sundae which is this amazing, wonderful thing.


8:45: We went back to our hotel with plans to go back out somewhere since it was our last night in Vegas but instead we watched TV and passed out, really big party animals here!

Day 6 Wednesday July 11th

9:00 AM: We got a good night’s sleep and got up to pack all of our stuff for our trip back east. I made us breakfast again and we showered and checked out. We had some time to burn so we walked around Miracle Mile again at Planet Hollywood.

2:00: We returned our rental car and went to the airport. We had some more time to kill so we got lunch at the Jose Cuervo Tequileria place. I had some kind of chicken sandwich again and Jody and I each got Corona’s.

5:10 PST: Our flight left on time. It was a pretty bumpy flight as we hit some bad weather over Texas but overall it seemed to go by pretty quickly.

12:30 EST: We landed in Tampa and Jay and Ken pick us up from the airport. We went directly to a bar for some food and drinks. I started out with Andy’s signature drink, Jack and coke (light on the coke) and then went to Miller lites. We ordered some food and stayed until last call at 2:45 or so.

3:00: We decide to head over to the Hard Rock to play some poker and drink some more beer. Jay, Ken and I all get seated at the same 2/5 table which is playing pretty short handed. We begin ordering beers and drinking them at an impressive pace. The max buy-in is $600 so I buy in for that and proceed to play every single hand dealt to me. I don’t remember much but I do remember stacking the poor guy on my left about 4 times. Jay took this picture which I absolutely loved when I had about $2,800 in front of me or so.

7:30: I ended up losing a couple of bigger pots but still ended up winning around $900. We hit up Chick Fil A on the way home for some breakfast. We finally got in bed around 8:30 AM after a long and eventful day that started in Las Vegas and ended in St. Pete. This first night in Florida was a sign of things to come… lots of drinking, eating and celebrating Andy’s life.

Here are a few more Andy pictures:




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